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Prayer Points []

This is a prayer point summary of You can print it out and use it for personal or group prayer.

Abortion: Pray for the Vietnamese attitude to life; most believe that it doesn’t start until birth.

Ancestor Worship: Pray for new believers to stand firm in their faith, especially in the face of opposition from family members.

Barriers: Pray for the people of Vietnam; millions have never heard about Jesus and there are many barriers to the gospel.

Bridges: Pray for those working in Vietnam to have deep insights into the culture as they bring the message of salvation to those they meet.

Buddhism: Pray for the truth of Jesus to come to those who worship other gods.

Church: Praise God that many churches in Vietnam have captured the vision to plant more churches and are reaching large numbers of non-believers.

Corruption: Pray for Vietnam’s national leaders; running a huge, developing country like Vietnam is a very difficult job.

Discipleship: "Evangelism is important, but my burden is for teaching those who have already believed, helping them become established in the Bible."

Education: Pray for those recent graduates of Vietnamese Bible colleges as they begin ministries throughout Vietnam.

Facts: One third of pregnancies end in abortion. Pray for changed hearts, and for those living post-abortion needing God's love and forgiveness

Gospel History: Pray for churches to grow in numbers and in depth, and for new witness in towns and villages unreached by the gospel.

Healthcare: Pray for the sick and suffering in Vietnam, many of whom are marginalized by their illness.

Hmong: Pray for the small number of Hmong pastors, that they may be able to continue working without fear and restrictions.

Kinh: The Viet Kinh are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, pray that they would become a people known as followers of Jesus.

Marriage: Pray that Vietnamese Christians will not be tempted by materialism, but will follow the will of God in their relationship decisions.

Materialism: Pray against growing materialism and pray for those who are seeking fulfilment in wealth and success to find real life in Christ.

New Year: Pray for Vietnamese Christian’s to clearly understand and share with others the true source of blessing.

Nung: Pray for the completion of the Nung Bible translation in Vietnamese script.

Orphans: Pray that orphans will have opportunities to hear the gospel and know their Father God.

Overseas: Praise for the increasing opportunities to minister to Vietnamese in countries such as the US, UK, Singapore and Australia.

Radio Outreach: Thank God for those who have persevered through many difficulties to develop Hmong radio broadcasts.

Rural Life: Pray for rural families struggling to make ends meet and those left out of the boom in wealth, education and opportunity.

Sharing: Pray for more people, like Quynh, who would long to share the gospel.

Spirits: Pray for a breakthrough of God's power into fear that grips many Vietnamese hearts, as they strive to please the spirits.

Spiritual Warfare: Spiritual warfare is often more apparent in Vietnam than in the West. Pray for believers to take up the ‘shield of faith’ every day.

Success: Pray for Christians to form deep friendships with those around them and to use every opportunity to be salt and light to their friends.

Urbanisation: Praise for the opportunities that urbanisation has given for the spread of the gospel.

Wealth: Pray for those working among students and young people in Vietnam, and for young Christians to make wise decisions about their priorities.