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What Makes a Successful Business?

Topic: Success

Phan was at university studying business, and he knew that to get a good job, he would have to improve his English. So Phan joined an English club just near the university campus. The club was run by Christians.

One day Phan asked a foreign friend at the club to help him prepare a talk for an English public-speaking competition that was coming up at the university. Phan had decided to talk about what makes a successful business, and this friend said he had the perfect illustration!

Using an English/Vietnamese parallel Bible Phan and his friend turned to 1 Corinthians 12 and began to study about a body made up of many parts with Christ as the head; each part of the body being important and with it’s own unique job. “The same is true of any company,” the friend explained, “Just imagine if everyone in the company wanted to be an accountant? Who would do the advertising? Who would make the products or sell them?”

Phan won second prize in the competition! But more than that, a seed had been planted in Phan’s heart, “Who was this Jesus who knew so much that is true today?”

Rapid economic growth in Vietnam, along with their induction into the World Trade Organisation, has allowed many new businesses to grow. A dynamic new generation of highly motivated young entrepreneurs is developing, driven by the desire to be prosperous. Like Phan, nearly 50 per cent of all university students enrol in business or economics courses , but what values are guiding their budding careers?


  • Pray for Christians to form deep friendships with those around them and to use every opportunity to be salt and light to their friends.
  • Pray for Christians to live lives that reflect God’s glory and the truth of the gospel.
  • Pray for people like Phan and the unexpected ways they can come across the gospel.