Pray for

A difficult mother-in-law

Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Although she was a Christian, at 25 Hoa married a Buddhist. Like most Vietnamese, she moved into her in-laws’ house immediately after the wedding. From the first day, Hoa’s in-laws made life unpleasant for her and her husband. They hated Hoa for being a Christian and tried to force her to worship the family’s ancestors.

After seven years, Hoa and her husband were able to buy a place of their own. But Hoa’s new life wasn’t any easier. Her husband and children kept getting sick and Hoa would have a terrible headache whenever she was at home. What was wrong?

Hoa’s mother-in-law had asked a spirit-doctor to put a curse on her. Hoa’s neighbour was a spirit-doctor and offered to curse Hoa’s mother-in-law in return. But Hoa knew what she must do - she declined the offer, saying her God would protect her and she prayed. Shortly after this, her mother-in-law’s spirit-doctor died very suddenly and immediately Hoa and her family felt better.


  • Spiritual warfare is often more apparent in Vietnam than in the West. Pray for believers to take up the ‘shield of faith’ every day.
  • Pray for those who may be the only believers in their family, that they would be strengthened to endure difficult family circumstances.