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Who Shall I Marry?

Topic: Marriage

The phone rang and on the other end was Thuy Anh. Though it was late at night, she couldn’t wait to share her news. Her parents had arranged for two American men to come to her home the next morning and Thuy Anh wanted us to help her choose which one she should marry.

She was so excited; if she married one of the men, the arrangement was that they would take her to the US, in exchange for which, Thuy Anh would work full-time and give her husband all her wages. This would last for 5 years, and then they would divorce. Thuy Anh would have her coveted American citizenship and a paid job. She could improve her standard of living and financially support her family in Vietnam.

Neither Thuy Anh nor her parents had any reservations about her being “sold” like this, though many such arrangements result in women being sold into prostitution to pay off debts, or exploited for cheap labour, these marriages carry no stigma. Even some Christian women use internet sites to find foreign husbands.

Thao’s family was poor and she’d never been able to attend school regularly. She had no money, and now, in her early 30s, her marriage prospects seemed to be slowly draining away too. Putting herself on an internet site, she met an American in his mid-50s. Emails went back and forth, and eventually he came to visit. Thao’s English was poor, so they could not communicate and had little in common. But when he produced a large diamond ring, Thao’s mind was made up. Thao has been going to church for many years, and believes that God gave her this opportunity so she could earn money and support her relatives.


  • Pray that Vietnamese Christians will not be tempted by materialism, but will follow the will of God in their relationship decisions.
  • Pray for Christian women, in particular, that they would make wise decisions and marry believers who truly share their faith in the Lord.
  • In the cities there are many more young Christian women than men. Pray for them as they face difficult choices and stigma.