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The Nung

Topic: Nung

The Nung are a people group of approximately one million,, the majority of whom are found in northern Vietnam, they are closely related to the Tay people. Like many in Vietnam they incorporate Buddhism with the worship of spirits and ancestors, but Nung villages also have a spirit doctor who is involved in treating the sick and calming evil spirits. There are very few Nung Christians in Vietnam, though there are a few in Southern China and more in Thailand. Some portions of scripture, including the Gospel of Mark has been translated into Nung language and the Thai Nung also have the Jesus film and can access radio broadcasts for Bible teaching. How can these people be reached with the good news?


  • Pray for the completion of the Nung Bible translation in Vietnamese script.
  • Pray for development of a variety of resources which will allow the gospel to be brought to the Nung people group.
  • Pray for opportunities as these usually rural people settle in urban areas for work and education and come into contact with believers.
  • Pray for effective discipling of Nung believers and for the creation of a dynamic church planting movement with strong indigenous leaders.