Pray for

The Hmong People

Topic: Hmong

For 30 years God has been doing remarkable things amongst the Hmong. In 1975 there were no known believers. Today, thanks mainly to Christian radio broadcasts reaching their remote locations, over 300,000 of the 1.2 million Hmong are believers. Some 123 tribal congregations have been officially registered and joined the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North) – significantly more than the number of Viet Kinh congregations registered. Once registered, Hmong Christians will be legally able to participate in the Bible training offered by the ECVN, and hopefully there will be more help and training under supported pastors. But more than 1000 churches are still awaiting registration in the mountainous north-west provinces.


  • Pray for the small number of Hmong pastors, that they may be able to continue working without fear and restrictions.
  • Pray for the large numbers of Hmong believers now living in the central highlands having moved from the north, they face many pressures.