Pray for

Family Pressure

Topic: Ancestor Worship

Tram’s family regularly made offerings to her deceased grandfather and believed it was his influence in the spirit world that had lead to Tram being accepted into a prestigious university in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tram wasn’t sure. The state school system had taught her an atheistic, communist worldview, but Tram had seen with her own eyes that neither her parents’ religion nor communism held the answers.

While at university in the city, Tram met some Christians. At last she found the answers she was looking for! But every time Tram returned home, her family would pray at the family altar. Not joining in would be seen as extremely disrespectful, but Tram’s pastor had advised her not to eat or drink anything that had been dedicated at the family altar. Like most new believers, Tram had to make many difficult decisions. In Vietnam, Christianity is nicknamed “the religion that throws away their grandparents”. How can Tram be a Christian, but still show respect to her family?


  • Pray for new believers to stand firm in their faith, especially in the face of opposition from family members.
  • Pray for those leaving family villages and the opportunity this can give for them to hear the gospel.
  • Pray for wisdom for Vietnamese believers in how to honour and respect their families.