Pray for

Coming Back

Topic: Overseas Students

Ly just returned to Vietnam after two years studying for a masters in Australia, she's just started a great job which was only made possible because of her studies. But Ly didn't just return with a masters, but with a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. In her first year in Australia she was invited to church by a fellow student, and after several months of Bible study and joining in with the fellowship she happily accepted Jesus as her saviour.

But now she's back in Vietnam she has the challenge of telling her parents of her new faith, knowing they won't be very pleased. Then there's the pressures of her new job, after working long hours six days a week she doesn't feel like going to an unknown church on a Sunday morning. Ly has found it strange to speak about Christian things in Vietnamese after coming to faith in an English setting.

With more than 100, 000 students studying overseas each year, the openings to reach Vietnamese students are greater than ever. But those who come to know the gospel while overseas find it hard integrating into Vietnamese churches when they return.


  • Pray for those returning from overseas studies with a new faith, that they will stand strong on return.
  • Pray for new believers who face difficulties in telling their families about the change in their lives.
  • Pray that Vietnamese churches would find helpful ways of receiving those who have believed while overseas.