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Let Me Tell You

Topic: Sharing

The Vietnamese are friendly, hospitable and very talkative! Their thinking is community-oriented and they share their lives, joys and problems with each other. Surely in such an open, talkative culture, the gospel can quickly spread?

Church members are strongly encouraged to bring non-Christian friends to church to hear the pastor preach and as a result few feel equipped to share the good news themselves. Quynh has experienced God deeply in her own life. And, as is common in such an overcrowded city, she has a large network of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Quynh longed to share the gospel with others but felt she didn’t know how. After a few months of training from an older believer, Quynh is quickly gaining confidence and is increasingly finding herself able to steer conversations towards the gospel.

In her job as a sales representative meets many people and one day she met Bau. Bau had been a Buddhist, but had recently married a Catholic man. In order to get married Bau had adopted her husband’s religion and attended a Catholic conversion course in the weeks leading up to her wedding day. Such ‘conversions’ are normally superficial, but something about what she heard made Bau think. Now the course was over Bau didn’t know who to speak to. As Quynh and Bau chatted, Quynh quickly brought the conversation round to Jesus. Keen to know more, Quynh invited Bau to a study the Bible with some of her friends. Bau is slowly finding the answers she needs.


  • Pray for more people, like Quynh, who would long to share the gospel.
  • Pray for more opportunities for people to explore and learn about Christianity. Ask God to use the house churches to impact his kingdom.
  • Pray for people like Bau, who marry into Christianity; for them to experience God deeply for themselves.