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Green Shoots

Topic: Radio Outreach

Deep in the mountains of rural Vietnam, the radio waves crackle out from the tiny wooden house. In the Hmong family house the small shortwave radio is mounted on the wall, just above the family altar.

To the listener’s amazement, the broadcast was in the Hmong language. All the other programmes were in Vietnamese. The presenter was talking about the creation of the world and of the Hmong. A woman came on and sang a ballad about the Creator God in the Hmong style.

Every day a Hmong programme was broadcast and the Hmong family tuned in to hear the voices tell about the origin of the spirits, the sins of man, the need for sacrifice, and a promised Saviour who would redeem the Hmong people.

Christian radio programmes have been remarkable in their scope and impact in Vietnam. All over Southeast Asia, many Hmong are hearing the Good News for the first time via radio. A dedicated team of Hmong Christians and Western missionaries are recording, producing, and broadcasting gospel programs in several Hmong dialects. Striving for an authentic and entertaining format, they utilize native speakers, traditional story-telling forms, and popular ballads to relate the truths of the Bible. The radio ministry has been largely effective in evangelizing, teaching, and even discipling Hmong in hard to reach areas of Asia. The broadcasts have facilitated and energized church-planting movements among the White, Blue, and most recently, the Black Hmong in Vietnam. Still more groups need to hear God's story in their heart language, and the radio promises to remain a useful tool in reaching them!


  • Thank God for those who have persevered through many difficulties to develop Hmong radio broadcasts.
  • As many Hmong hear the gospel for the first time through the broadcasts, pray for many new believers and churches.
  • Pray for Bibles and other literature to become more easily available, not just for the Hmong, but other ethnic minority groups too.