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Christian History Timeline

Topic: Gospel Timeline

early 1600s Roman Catholic missions established in Vietnam, in 18th century there was severe persecution of Catholic followers

1858-1954 French colonisation

1911 First permanent Protestant missions (C&MA) established in central region

1921 First fulltime training school for pastors opened in central region

1926 Entire Protestant Bible translated and published

1941-45 Japanese occupation and national famine

1945 Ho Chi Minh declares independence for Vietnam, resisted by French

1954 Formation of separate North and South Vietnam, subsequent US presence early 1960s other evangelical missions begin in south

1975 Independence and reunification to form Socialist Republic of Vietnam

1986 ‘Doi moi’ economic reform

1988 House church movement begins

1990s Re-established diplomatic ties with West

1991 Permission given to print Bible within Vietnam

1999 Religion Decree 26 guarantees freedom of religion

2001 Evangelical Church of Vietnam (South) [ECVN(S)] given legal recognition

2003 ECVN(S) Bible College re-opens (closed since 1976)

2004 Ordinance on Belief and Religion guaranteed freedom of religion and religious belief, introduced registration of churches but to bring them ‘under management’

2005 Prime Minister’s Special Directive on Protestantism, specifically accommodating Protestantism in the religious freedom act and encouraging speedy registration of churches by local officials

2004 Placed on worst religious liberty offenders list by the US, removed in 2006

2007 Joined World Trade Organisation

2007 Several church denominations given legal recognition

2011 Centennial celebrations of Protestant movement, almost 3000 make commitments to Christ at mass celebration events throughout the country.