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Creating barriers?

Topic: Barriers

Thuy was invited to a big evangelical church in the city by a colleague. The few times she had been the teaching had been very interesting. She wasn’t certain about any of it yet, but was eager to go back whenever she could to hear more.

A couple of months later, Thuy was leaving church when a church leader came to speak to her. He had noticed her attendance was sporadic and said she should attend every week. This was a real problem for Thuy as she had to find someone to care for her son if she wanted to go to church. The leader also said she had to get rid of her family altar. What was Thuy to do? She was an only child and felt responsible for maintaining the memory of her parents and grandparents.

Most Vietnamese will conform to the group. To fit in, many new Church attendees will agree to requests like this pastor made. They are quickly absorbed into the church and are assumed to be believers.

But Thuy was not willing to agree to such a lifestyle. This new religion seemed demanding and difficult. The Bible was written in such old-style language that she couldn’t understand it and the church music old fashioned and not at all Vietnamese. She just could not see its relevance to her life so she stopped going to the church all together.


  • Pray for the people of Vietnam; millions have never heard about Jesus and there are many barriers to the gospel.
  • Pray for the church in Vietnam to be sensitive to people who are seeking.
  • Pray for believers to form genuine friendships with non-believers.
  • Pray for revival in long established churches and in the hearts of individual believers, and for freedom from legalism.