Pray for

Beyond Their Dreams

Topic: Wealth

Trung waved proudly as his daughter made her way through the gate. He had saved for over 30 years for her to be able to study in Australia, and now she was finally going. His savings would only pay for half of her 4 year degree, but hopefully she will be able to work part-time to pay for the rest. If worse came to worst Trung will simply sell his house - he is willing to make big sacrifices to gain a bright future for his daughter.

Salaries, education, private business and foreign investment in Vietnam have all surged. Around 70 per cent of the population of Vietnam is under 35 and there are opportunities for this new generation that were difficult to imagine just a decade ago. Many who fled the country in the past are returning to enjoy the new openness and prosperity. A growing number of Vietnamese are travelling overseas and returning with a widened perspective.

Prosperity is creating a new class of wealthy Vietnamese, consumed by materialism and the desire to succeed. Last year, mobile phone subscriptions in Vietnam doubled to nearly 20 million users. To young Vietnamese, anything is possible and education is the key. Even young children of four or five will have long school days with extra classes and homework. In term time, it is rare to see children playing on the streets - they simply have too much work to do. For Christian teenagers, the pressure to succeed often comes at the expense of their faith as they struggle to balance many commitments.


  • Pray for those working among students and young people in Vietnam, and for young Christians to make wise decisions about their priorities.
  • Pray for revival among the younger generation of Vietnamese, many who are experiencing material benefits their parents could only dream of.
  • Pray for wise and just governance that improves the living conditions of ordinary Vietnamese people.