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Vietnam Today

Topic: Society

For many years Vietnam was closed to the outside world and to the good news, but recent years have seen rapid change and development. Today’s bustling traffic in the cities requires agility to survive and is a vivid expression of the dynamic and ever evolving society. Developments in political and economic policies have allowed every aspect of society to progress significantly; salaries, education, private business and foreign investment have all surged.

The population of nearly 90 million is growing fast, and is extremely young with a median age of 28*. The great pace of change is giving these young people opportunities which previous generations never had. Many are seeking an identity, especially through education and career. People from rural areas are flocking to the cities to take up these new opportunities.

A growing number of workers, students and professionals are obtaining overseas experience through studies, work and travel, and returning with a widened perspective. Even of the 3 to 4 million Vietnamese who have settled overseas, an increasing number are returning to enjoy the new openness. And while poverty and hardship remain a significant burden, there is also a sense of hope in the future and a dream of prosperity throughout Vietnam.

In Vietnam today there is a hunger to discover what will bring satisfaction in life and hearts are open to the gospel.

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